Kitchen: Junk Drawer Organization

The junk drawer (insert dramatic orchestra music!).  We all have one.  We all need one.  And they all need a little (a lot) of TLC every now and then.  Since this drawer is full of miscellaneous items it is easy for it to look like a mess pretty fast.  I used to have this whole drawer dedicated as the “junk drawer” but I decided a while back that since I don’t have many drawers or space for that matter in my kitchen, I could just use half of it to store my miscellaneous items.  I am pretty sure that was a run-on sentence but I digress.


On one side I keep the steak knives in that nifty knife holder (from Target…where else?).  On the other side I have a small organizer that holds:

Memo pads, tape measure, toothpicks,  tape, pens, flower food packets, an extra cell phone charger and finally, candles (because you don’t want to ruin that special moment by looking for a candle like a madwoman…not that I would know 🙂 ).  My timers fit nicely in this drawer and in the middle I keep a notepad for grocery items that I want to remember to buy.  In the very back there is a container for snack bag clips.


Here is a little container that came with my sons lunch bag.  It is so small that I just had it in a drawer knowing that at some point I would use it for something other than lunch.  My son collects BoxTops for school and they are always floating in the junk drawer.  As I was cutting one off of a cereal box the other day the light bulb went off!  They fit perfectly inside the small container.  YAY!!!  It takes so little to make my day!


So what do you think?  Maybe you can scale down your junk drawer too if it is way too big or if you don’t need 35 pens in there.  If there is a place for everything then it will stay neater longer.  That is the case for most areas in our home.  We are done with the junk drawer (Insert relaxing classical music).