Organizing Spices

A new week of kitchen organization is here!

This week, we peek inside the kitchen cabinets and reveal the spices.  I think most of us have 30 spice jars and only regularly use about 5 of them.  It’s ok.  No one wants to drive to the grocery store just to pick up “old bay seasoning” for a special recipe.

The problem is having 3 jars of old bay seasoning because you keep buying it – since you can’t see the other 2 that you already purchased last year.  Unless, you have seafood boils on a weekly basis.  In that case, it’s ok.  It is also ok to invite me.  (I will organize your cabinets if you let me, as a trade-off).

I love the idea of having spices in the kitchen drawer, but I have such a limited amount of drawers in my kitchen, that I choose to keep my spices in my pantry cabinet.

My cabinets are really deep and narrow.  Initially, I purchased tiered spice shelves and placed them the traditional way.  That didn’t work since the cabinet was so narrow and I could only fit one set.  There were always spices behind the tier organizer that were not visible.  I tried placing the larger jars towards the back and labeling the very top of the lid since I could see the label and that helped.

Ultimately, I found the best way to organize my spices is by placing the tiers side-by-side against the cabinet wall.  I added a similar tiered divider to the amazon store and you can find it ” HERE “.  Of course, you can also find these almost anywhere else…Target, Walmart…

I try to buy the same brand of spices, not only because I like the brand, but it adds more of a uniform look.

I also organized the spices alphabetically.  It seems like a crazy thing to do at first and it will take you a little while the first time you do it, but it is worth it – I promise.

Finding spices is so much easier this way, especially when you lose a bit of the visibility of the spices towards the back of the cabinet.  On the other side of the tiers, I place larger, frequently used items like salt and pepper shakers.

I also left enough room for my hand to be able to reach back, without knocking things over.

Organizing Spices

On the wall of the cabinet, I placed an adhesive acrylic box for all the seasoning packets.  I usually only use a sprinkle or two, and then I’m wondering where to put the open packet.  This solves that problem.  I think I purchased it at Walmart.

Spice Organization


I do recognize that this method will not work for everyone, but I wanted to share this space with all of you just in case you had a similar-sized cabinet.

We still have a couple of things to touch on before we are done with the kitchen – so until next time,

Spice up your organizing!  (I had to!),



Linen Closet Organization

You may remember that I recently released a post on the { linen closet } that I have in my master bathroom.  You may also remember that there are no linens in that closet.  The irony.

I also have another linen closet that is extremely narrow and is bookended between my sons room and the boys bathroom.  I need every bit of space in that closet to store not only linens but also items that don’t fit under the bathroom sinks.  Here is the closet.


Since the closet is narrow I pulled out all the baskets so that I can share with you the contents.  Also, the lighting in this corner of the house is horrible so I took most of the pictures in my bathroom.  My bathroom has 3 windows so the lighting is amazing for photography AND for seeing every single hair that falls on the floor.  Every strand of hair that falls on that floor looks like a garter snake…perfect lighting will do that!  Since I love well-lit rooms, I have a broom nearby!

Here are the baskets that I use for corralling the items the linen closet.  They are Rubbermaid Bento boxes and can be found at Target.  I like that they have pop out dividers so small items don’t move about.  I chose to mix the khaki pattern with the solid Khaki.  These are the medium and large sizes.  There is also an extra-large size but it was too large for my closet; maybe it would work in yours.


I used one of the boxes to put all of our band aids.


In the smaller pop-out dividers I placed the ointments and smaller items.  In doing so I realized that I will never run out of Neosporin.


I used the larger box for other first aid items such as bottles of peroxide, rubbing alcohol, sprays and gauze.


Here it is full.


One box holds all the sunscreen and insect repellant.


I chose a plastic container for bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  These items would make a mess inside a fabric box.  These are the ITSO bins from Target.



In the very top of the closet I store water toys that I use in the backyard.  The other water toys I keep with the {beach bag}.


In every closet that is nearby a bathroom I like to have a cleaning caddy.  This one holds some of my favorite cleaners and favorite brands.


Here are the items back inside the closet.


Linens, of course.


I added cute labels to the baskets and I secured them with square clips.  I am attaching this free printable in pdf format for all of you.  Click HERE for the printable.  I left the labels blank so you can either write on the labels or use a label maker to print the tag.  I had my labels laminated to make them sturdier.


In the very bottom of the closet I used a large bento box for my son’s school supplies.  The only thing that would make it more perfect would be adding small wheels to the bottom of the basket.  That would make cleaning the floor underneath easier.  I will add that to the honey-do list.


Please share with me what you currently have inside your linen closet.  Do you only store linens in there or a bunch of stuff like me?

Happy Organizing!