Cabinet Pantry Organization

I don’t have a pantry per-se.  I have a set of deep cabinets that flank my refrigerator.  I use these kitchen cabinets as a pantry.

Perhaps you have a similar setup or are fortunate enough to have a large closet pantry or a walk-in pantry (swoon!).   Either way, we all need to maximize the space we have so that we can see what we have and need at-a-glance.


Deep cabinets are awesome.  They also present the challenge that things get lost towards the back of the cabinet.  Basically, the good part is that a lot of stuff fits, the bad part is that a lot of stuff fits.

The pull-out shelf unit pictured below is awesome for deep cabinets!  I purchased it about nine years ago at Home Depot and it was so worth the money!

I store most of my cans and pasta in this rack and I love that it pulls out to reveal everything that is towards the back.

Pantry Organization

HERE is a similar (nicer, more expensive) version but you can probably find something similar to mine in a hardware store.  It is very sturdy and holds so much weight!

This is what it looks like when I pull it out of the cabinet.

PANTRY Organization

The very top is perfect for pasta and flat cans of tuna.


In the other side of the cabinet are the snacks.

My husband added a few narrow shelves to hold smaller items.

PANTRY Organization

One of those shelves holds this garment divider that I use as a snack divider.

We like KIND bars.  🙂

PANTRY Organization

Underneath, are the boys’ snacks.  These are the two bottom shelves and therefore the most accessible for them.

I also have a basket full of asian condiments.

Pantry Organization

Above the snacks, is another pull-out drawer (used to hold chips) that now holds my toddlers plates and lots of beans.

We like BEANS and KIND bars.

PANTRY Organization

Above the pull-out drawer is another narrow shelf that holds the kids’ pasta and sometimes a loaf of bread.

I could be making lobster thermidor for dinner and they would prefer one of these colorful boxes.  Go figure…

PANTRY Organization

Above the pasta, are three lazy suzans.  I am not tall and without the turntables, the top shelf is otherwise inaccessible to me.

The one towards the front has random condiments, and behind it is another turntable that holds vinegars.

In the slot next to the oils, I place the kids cereal dispenser (pictured below).

Pantry Organization

The very top shelf is full of oils.  The lazy suzan holds everyday oils, such as coconut and olive oils.

In the back are extra bottles of vegetable oil.  I rarely deep fry, but when I do, I use a whole bottle!

PANTRY Organization

That’s my cabinet pantry!  Do you also have this kind of pantry?  How do you maximize your space?

In a couple of days I will post a step-by-step pantry makeover that will benefit any pantry style!

Until then,

I will be making beans and eating chocolate-covered peanut bars (because I don’t actually know how to make lobster thermidor)!


8 thoughts on “Cabinet Pantry Organization

  1. I like how you made the most of the space. I don’t have a pantry either, and some of my cabinets are deep in strange areas. It’s such a pain trying to find room for everything in my kitchen, but you did great!

  2. Hi Maria! Visiting from ABFOL Linky Party!
    Love all of your organization tips. The drawers by far are my favorite! I will have to check those out! Thanks for sharing!

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