Organizing Little Girls’ Drawers

Little Girls Drawers

You already know I had to ask a friend for help to pull this one off considering…I don’t have girls.

Yup, I live in a land of denim, fishing lures and camouflage.

I was so excited to organize this beautiful dresser that was full of color and cuteness.  So girlie!

So let’s see the dresser.

Little Girls Drawers

Inside the dresser you find the expected 525 hair clips and ribbons…

Little Girls Drawers

This is a great time to sort through the items and toss the ones that are broken and give away what is not used.

Little Girls Drawers

I decided to use clear acrylic organizers because I wanted to showcase all the color.  I also grouped the items by color to make it easy to find and to put away the bows.

Little Girls Drawers

Little Girls Drawers

I forgot to take before pictures of the rest of the drawers.  I get excited and forget to document things.

At least, here are the after pictures…

Little Girls Drawers

I used plastic spring-loaded dividers to keep all the clothing in it’s place.

You can find the OXO dividers HERE or at The Container Store.  I have also seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Little Girls Drawers

Little Girls Drawers

Little Girls Drawers

This post is for all of you that asked me for organization tips for your princesses!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and thank you all for your comments!

Until next time,

Happy Organizing!


5 thoughts on “Organizing Little Girls’ Drawers

  1. So so pretty! Love the idea of organizing the hair stuff by colours. If only my daughter would actually put things back…

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