Makeup Drawer – Before and After

Organizing your makeup

Anyone up for some before and after pictures??

A while back I shared where and how I store my makeup.  You can find that post “HERE“.

A friend of mine has a huge bathroom…with a huge vanity…with a huge drawer to store all her glam!  Is green the color of envy?  I forget.

Well, she was nice enough to let me photograph her space and share with all of you.

Here you will see the before and after of the drawer.  It’s really not a bad before picture and most of us would consider it an after shot.  Here it is:

Make-up Before and After

All we did was purchase some clear containers that had more customized dividers.  That way everything has a home!

Doesn’t it look better already?

Make-up Before and After

And the makeup lived happily ever after…THE END.

Make-up Before and After

Well not really…not until I say goodbye and ask you how you store your makeup.

Please share and as always,

Happy Organizing!


4 thoughts on “Makeup Drawer – Before and After

  1. I store my makeup in a stationary box from WHSmiths that has lots of drawers. I have two, one for highend and one for drugstore makeup 🙂 x

  2. Right now mine is stored in a large 3 drawer and medium 5 drawer container. It’s only partially contained and still spilling out everywhere. I need to get something way way bigger.


  3. I have one makeup caddy for everything, a painted Q-tip box for spare sponges, a little dish for the cream eyeshadows and all the lipsticks by the front door.

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