Narrow Linen Closet Organization

Can you handle one more linen closet?  It’s my third post on linen closets and I probably won’t be doing one for a while.  I will define “while” at a later date.


I really love to look at organized linen closets.  You can find the other two posts on linen closets {here} and {here} if you missed them.

Remember a while back I shared with you all that I was working on organizing a beautiful home and will be working on that home for quite a while.  I also will have to define “while” at a later date.  This home is huge!  Probably 3 times the size of mine so I will be working on it for a long time.

Well, I already shared with you the finished pantry at this home.  You can find it {here} if you missed it.  Last week I worked on a narrow but very tall linen closet that is adjacent to their laundry room.

Here is the before picture.  Actually, I had already removed many things before I realized I didn’t take a picture.


I used two types of baskets to organize this closet.  This is one of the baskets.  It is from the Threshold brand at Target and I love almost everything that brand puts on the shelf!  These baskets come in different sizes.  Aren’t they beautiful?


The other baskets are the BENTO boxes which you know I use quite a bit in my home as well.  They are great for corralling smaller items.


In the baskets without dividers I placed light bulbs.


Surge protectors, flashlights and extra outlets.


In the baskets with the built-in dividers I  placed batteries.


Medicines.  One for children’s and one for adults.


In the very top I put the largest size baskets.  One is full of rain coats and the other travel gear for the kids.


Here are all the smaller baskets back in the closet.


And the rest of the other boxes that hold band-aids and sunscreen.


Here is the after shot!


Side to side for drama.  I’m all about the drama!

_MG_8332BLOG      _MG_8387BLOG

I like sharing different ideas of items that you can store inside linen closets besides the obvious.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you so please share your ideas as well!

Happy Organizing!


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