How to fold your sheets

If you are one of those people who can perfectly fold a fitted sheet then you are worthy of my admiration.  I stand in awe.  I simply cannot.  I have tried.  I technically know how to do it but it still comes out looking weird.

Last weekend I released a post on {linen closet organization} and I wanted to share with you how I get the bedding to look neat in there.  Here is a picture of the sheets in my linen closet.


Its pretty easy.  First, I fold all the sheets except for one pillowcase.


Then I insert all the sheets into the remaining pillow case.


I then fold the remaining flap over and I have one lovely bundle.

Before using this method, I was always looking for the one pillowcase that had fallen in the back of the closet.  We have 4 pillowcases per sheet set so this would happen often.  Not a real problem but it was easily solved with this method.


How you fold sheets is not a big deal as long as you fold them.  I do this extra step because I like the way they look inside the linen closet and its practical for me to grab the one bundle instead of separate bedding.

I hope you find this tip helpful…unless of course you are one of “those” who already knew how to perfectly fold the sheets.  I admire you but we just can’t be friends.  Sorry.

Until next week fellow lovers of organization!


8 thoughts on “How to fold your sheets

  1. Folding sheets and putting them away had always been one of those things I donor like to do. I’m going to try your method! Looks easy & neat!

  2. I worked at a nursing home in my youth and one of the other girls there showed me how to fold fitted sheets square and quickly. You pick the sheet up by the corners at one end and the middle at the other.

    I’ve developed my even quicker way, fold however and tuck into square shape.

    I’ve heard of the each set in the pillow case idea before, what I do is keep each set in a box directly under the bed it’s for.

    • That’s a great idea about keeping the sheets by the bed instead of the closet. When you explain how to fold the fitted sheet you make it sound so easy. Maybe you will convert me…maybe.

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