Organizing your Vitamins

This is a quick post about organizing your vitamins.  Not much to say about it and not much to do but you will be glad you did it.

We used to store our vitamins out of sight to make the counters look cleaner.  We quickly realized that if we didn’t see the vitamins, we didn’t take the vitamins.  We needed to either completely change that system or supplement it with a more practical one.

{Did you catch the cheesy vitamin humor in the last line?  I couldn’t bring myself to edit it out.  My name is Maria…I’ll be here all night!}


We found this plastic container that was tall enough to hide the bottles so that we could keep it on the countertop without being an eye sore.  It was perfect.

As you can see we have lots of supplements and vitamins.  We don’t take all of them daily; instead we alternate them.

Most of our vitamins are from the same company and of course the bottles are similar.  The problem is that we couldn’t distinguish one vitamin from the other.  We would pull out 4 different bottles before reaching for the right one.

I then labeled each one with either the name of the vitamin or its function.  Voila!  Problem solved.


I use my label maker so often and I have no idea why it took me years to think of this.  Now it’s so easy in the morning to find what we need.

I tell ya…its always the little things!


I hope you enjoyed this tip!  Please share with me if you will also be labeling your vitamins or am I the only person that has this “problem”?

Happy Organizing!



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