Kid’s Bathroom Organization

I have two boys and they share a bathroom.  ‘Nuff said.  You feel my pain.  It is the bathroom that gets cleaned most often and doesn’t seem to stay clean for long.  I decided that I needed to de-clutter the bathroom to make cleaning easier.  I used to have all of the boys toiletries right on the bathroom counter which made it more of a chore to clean.

I found two solutions to clear out the clutter.  The first was purchasing this curtain from amazon which you can purchase {here} or you can find at most Targets.  The picture below is not my boys bathroom because we covered it with another curtain which you will see in the next picture.  I don’t recommend that you put really heavy items in the pockets such as large shampoo bottles but I did put hairspray, cologne, a hairbrush and water play toys in our curtain and it holds them just fine.

Amazon photo of the Maytex pocket curtain.

Amazon photo of the Maytex pocket curtain.

This is the boys bathroom.  Like the curtain?  60’s psychedelic right?  Well here is my bathroom conundrum:  I have a toddler who would love to have a Mickey-themed bathroom and a 9-year-old who would threaten to run away if he had a Mickey-themed bathroom.  He is apparently too cool for the big mouse or any cartoon for that matter.

Keeping that in mind, I decided that I wanted to make the bathroom fun and colorful but not include a theme.  We found the curtain and mat at Target.


Since the counters need to be wiped down so often I just placed the essentials.  I chose this little container (also from Target) because it has a divider and the boys can share it.


I also purchased three small plants from IKEA and I spray painted a plastic plant holder that I had in the garage.  That’s as crafty as I get.  No joke.


The second storage solution was under the sink.   If my boys were both older I would definitely have a cleaning caddy under here but for now I like to keep those in higher cabinets.  Instead, I stored in these two baskets all the items that didn’t fit in the shower curtain pockets.  They hold one extra set of bath towels, hand towels and shampoo.  You have seen me use these baskets in the past because I love them so.  Also from Target.  I feel like I say “also from Target” after every sentence.  I guess I am drawn to that red circle!

The baskets are stackable so I purchased a large and a small one so that I can push the small one back when I need something from the larger.  I am so happy that the baskets fit despite the plumbing pipe.  That is always something to consider when purchasing containers for under-the-sink organization.


I love having the area cleared out and it is so much easier to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.  Peace to all {keeping the 60’s theme in full effect}.

What ideas do you have for keeping kids bathrooms organized?


8 thoughts on “Kid’s Bathroom Organization

    • Considering that girls have more stuff than boys I would probably use a drawer organizer for under the sink. The trick is to find one that fits. I would then label the small drawers with the contents. Also, if you purchase the curtain with the pockets you can fill some of the pockets with zippered bags holding items such as hair ties (I would label them too). You can probably fit more than I was able because all those items are small and virtually weightless. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!

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