Makeup Organization

I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  I just don’t have the patience for it.  However, I can alphabetize 200 CD’s no matter how long it takes.  I guess we are all built differently!  I do appreciate seeing my friends who know how to apply a perfect amount of makeup and still look natural.

Don’t you hate it when you look amazing in your bathroom mirror and then you get in the car and you look like Bozo in the car mirror?  What is it with the car mirror?!  Or is it the bathroom mirror?!  Who is the real culprit?

Like I said, I don’t always put on a full face of makeup but I like having the right tools when I do.  I like to see my makeup.


I purchased this large acrylic organizer at Target about five years ago.  They still have it in the section where they have all the cosmetic bags.  I place all the single shadows here so that I can see all the colors without shuffling through a bag.  In the large vertical spaces I store lip glosses and eye pencils.  I like that I can see them all at a quick glance.


The eye shadow sets are stored together and vertically.  It makes it easier to pull them out, use them and put them back in their spot.


Foundations and primers have their own zip code as well.  I picked up that little clear container at the Target dollar section.  Sometimes I cant find anything in that little section and sometimes its full of gems.


Lastly, the brushes.  I love those beads that they use at the top cosmetic stores so I decided to house my brushes in a similar way.  It turns out they sell those beads in most craft stores.  I used an acrylic pencil cup to contain the larger brushes.


The smaller brushes along with other makeup essentials are in this slim container.  I also used the beads in the larger compartment.


So that’s it!  I once read that it is better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.  It was a funny statement.  It still doesn’t keep me from sometimes leaving the house looking like one of the people who appear in the “People from WalMart” photo stream.  Have you seen those?  They are pretty funny.  On the rare occasion that I go out looking that rough, I pray that I don’t run into someone who I haven’t seen in years.  What are you supposed to say them?  “I assure you that I normally look human.  I just had to run out of the house to get milk!”

So ladies, let’s put on a little rouge, a little color on our face and go out into the world (or in my case, WalMart) with confidence.

Happy Organizing!


12 thoughts on “Makeup Organization

  1. I love those containers! They look very functional. One question: do you keep the above containers on your bathroom counters? Would love to see a photo of all of them together. I also loved the part about the mirrors…I always wondered that too! 🙂

  2. I love make-up and I have a nice assortment of it. Where did you get the beads for the brush cup? Love the organization idea. I have a walk in closet with a pretty big counter that can accommodate the bins nicely….I can see it now….even a mirror at the center…oh my…what are you turning me into. Thank you for this. Very helpful!

  3. I came here from YHL forums… I love organising and you have so many great ideas. Sorting out my makeup is one of my goals for August, so you’ve really got me thinking!

    (I would love your blog even more if I could follow it on bloglovin too…)

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  5. Hi Maria, Love your site! Sweetie you said you don’t alot of makeup – understatement! Girl I thought I was going to me able to order online haha. Just joking but thanks for the tips, any suggestions for those of us that don;t have alot of makeup just enough for a makeup bag. Maybe how to keep it in order to keep it from overflowing. Blessings!

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