Purpose and Grace

Right now my boys are sleeping and the house is so quiet. Quiet enough to miss the noise. Just kidding…its never THAT quiet! However, it is quiet enough to reflect on some things.

I know that I want to be purposeful in how I live and enjoy my life. There are no guarantees of tomorrow and I need to get better at putting into perspective all the little things that bother me and I need to magnify the “little” moments that get away from me.

You see, this blog is about order, it’s about cleaning but mostly I want it to be about living. I want the organization to give you freedom and a feeling of peace when you are home.

I confess that I want a house that is perfect ALL the time but guess what? I have NEVER had that. As organized as I am I have never had that. The moment you finish all the laundry someone changes their outfit and laundry is back on your checklist. Nothing is ever perfect all the time in the home or anywhere else for that matter.

However, there are “moments” that are perfect and I don’t want to miss those because I was stressing over socks that didn’t whiten in the wash. I want to try my best to live a balanced life. A life where I do what I can and give myself grace for what I can’t. A life where I am in charge of my home and not the other way around.

We have to know ourselves in order to correct behaviors that won’t lead to our happiness. I love checklists and planners so I need to learn to be flexible in spite of my need and love of order.  For others, it’s the exact opposite.

What do you feel you need to work on so that you enjoy the ride a little more?


One perfect moment.

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